These are just a few of sold artworks I have done in the past.  Of course, most of them are my favorites now that they all have new homes.  They show my humor, range and delight with color. Commissions are available from any category.  They could be similar but will not be copied.   

"Flowers in Her Hair," 36 x 36 inches
"Love, Louie," 30 x 40 inches
"Thunder," 36 x 36 inches
"New Blossoms," 30 x 40 inches
"Mosaic Monica," 16 x 20 inches
"Play," 30 x 40 inches
"Wake Up," 30 x 40 inches
"MacAlistar," 10 x 10 inches
"Present Soundtrack," 24 x 30 inches
"Foxen Canyon" 16 x 20 inches
"The Creek," 11 x 14 inches
"Follow Your Dreams," 11 x 14 inches
"Bistro," 8 x 10 inches
"Why Yes, They Are New!," 11 x 14 inches
"A Fun Day with Mick and Keith," 36 x 36 inches