About the Artist

I have always been an artist at heart but took quite a few side tracks before I decided to be a full time painter. A B.A. in Fashion Design, a sportswear designer, freelance textile and surface designer, a costumer in the film industry, owner and creator of a hand painted children’s furniture company and partner in a "recycled" clothing design venture. 

Then, at 50 years old, I studied with Signature Artists from the California Art Club and Los Angeles Art Academy.

Painting is a meditation, a passion, which directs me. My lifestyle is the backdrop and muse for my artwork. I live on a lake, at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains, near 40 acre ranches with every type of farm animal and minutes from the beach. I have a family of friends that inspire me by how they live their lives and are my cheerleaders for my endeavors. 

I live with a black doggie with a white spot and a white kittie with a black spot. I own an original Barbie doll (I never played with) yet today, she is dressed as Frida Kahlo.  

I am a frustrated writer (though published) and a closeted wannabe comedian a la Lucille Ball. I see beauty in everything. I admire excellence. I can find humor in almost anything. I paint with those values in mind. 

“Learn to live and live to learn”. It is one of my favorite mottos. (Douglas Horton).

I am so grateful that you stopped by and took the time to get to know me. I hope it gave you some insight as to what motivates me and keeps me painting on a daily basis.

Enjoy! It’s today!